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Resources and Testing Mix

Returning guest William Strong comes in hot in this episode, planning to discuss resources for self-learning before quickly getting sidetracked by his two favorite hosts. Then we talk about when Will utilizes testing before getting into a Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter vs Game of Throne debate, some book recommendations, and a little music talk. Obviously we end up pondering the emotional damage device addiction can have before shaming Tiffany about not knowing Jack White by name. The Hook King has returned!

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William Candillon Mix

This week, William Candillon pops in the duck pond to discuss React Native gestures and animations. We talk about the differences between handling the two in vanilla React Native vs using the popular declarative libraries react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-reanimated. Will convinces us to go back on our initial denouncing of Expo before discussing his popular YouTube series "Can It Be Done In React Native?" Follow William on twitter: @wcandillon Also, 4°C = 39.2°F everyone. Too cold for your average duck, I'm afraid.

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John & Tiffany Mix Vol. 2

No guest this week! Instead, we pick up where we left off in our last John & Tiffany Mix and answer the questions you, the fans, have been begging us to address. We cover the new React DevTools update, because after all this is a tech podcast, before jumping into the meaty stuff like World of Warcraft, Bon Jovi, chips and salsa, and Rivers Cuomo. It all ties together seamlessly.

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