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Nader Dabit Mix

This week, Nader Dabit jumps on a raft and paddles down the Mississippi to meet us in the Duck Pond. We discuss AWS Amplify, GraphQL, and React Native, before getting into the important stuff like futurism and the Matrix.

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John & Tiffany Mix Vol. 1

No new ducks in the pond this week. Instead, get to know your two favorite hosts, John and Tiffany! Listen to us ramble for 30 minutes and you'll walk away smarter, happier, and with more muscle tone; that's the Duck Tapes Guarantee!

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Eemeli's Open Source Mix

In this episode, Eemeli Aro flaps his wings and flies all the way from Finland to plop in to the duck pond to discuss coding as artistic expression, science fiction fandom, and most importantly, his involvement in the open source community. And of course we find out his favorite band (you haven't heard of them).

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